Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources there is no cancellation list through this office.

  • Excessive bleeding (uncontrollable with 15 minutes of applied pressure)
  • Fever greater than 38 degrees
  • Intractable pain in conjunction with excessive swelling

Yes, This is a normal vasomotor post operative reaction.

You mustn’t get your cast or dressing wet. If you can keep the operated limb and bandage dry, then yes showering is acceptable.

For day surgery arrive at the appointed time and plan to spend most of the day at the hospital. For inpatient surgery the most common length of stay is 24hrs.

Dr Latham operates at all three sites of the SHN (Birchmount, General, Centenary) as well as the DMSU. Your location will be given to you at your presurgical appointment.

Dr Latham prefers regional anaesthesia to minimize postoperative pain (also known as a nerve block) but your global anaesthesia is determined but the anesthesiologist of the day.

If you work a sedentary job then you can return to work when the pain allows, if you have a manual, or labouring job you will be off work for 8-16 weeks depending on your surgery.

Your mobility needs assessment will be performed by Dr Latham at your preoperative surgical visit.  You will be referred to Back to Feet (Partners) or Pedorthics in Motion to organize this equipment.

All surgeries require a 2-3 week follow up. The clinic is always a Monday.

Please call the fracture clinic to book your 2 week post surgical follow up 4164952557. The fracture clinic is located at SHN Birchmount site. If you are more than 3 months from surgery you must follow up at the office on Silverstar blvd 4164123535.

Dr Latham will prescribe a regiment of narcotic and non narcotic medication for post operative pain control.


Avoid alcohol while on narcotics.

Consume plenty of water to prevent constipation.

We strongly suggest you purchase a cryocuff unit from Pedorthics In Motion for local pain control.

Keep your foot elevated as much as possible the first 2 weeks and keep your activity to a minimum.


If you are told to be non weight bearing that means you should be applying NO WEIGHT AT ALL to your operated limb.

Call the fracture clinic to book an appointment to see our cast technician asap for a dressing change.

Numbness throughout the foot is normal for the first 24-48 hrs post op, and persistent numbness around an incision is a normal consequence of surgery.

The vast majority of cases this numbness is self limited and resolves.

The biggest impediment to the return of normal footwear is swelling.

Swelling needs to be controlled via rest, ice, compression, elevation and NSAIDS.

The usual time frame post op for return to footwear is 12 weeks.

Yes….the hospital has bunion shoes, aircasts, and crutches (not covered by OHIP).

Stiffness is a usual consequence of swelling and surgery. If stiffness persists physiotherapy will be prescribed (partners)